17 Inch Rims – Does Size Really Make a Difference?

Is it time to think about some new tires? Maybe you want to upgrade to something a little larger and more stylish. This means you’ll want to consider some aftermarket wheels along with those tires. 17 inch rims are becoming very popular and for good reason. Let’s explore the issue a little deeper.

Bigger is Better

When you upgrade your car to a larger size (like 17 inch rims) you have a more impressive appearance. In fact, many people believe it makes cars look more aggressive. This is the reason the auto manufacturers usually place oversized wheels and tires on their concept vehicles. They want “stage presence”. If you want to impress, go bigger.


Some people believe you might not get as smooth a ride with the ultra large rims (larger than 20 inch). However, many car owners are willing to trade a slightly stiffer ride for the appearance of the wheels and tires. Yet, with 17 inch rims you will not be sacrificing ride or performance. In fact, some cars are coming out with 17 inch wheels and tires from the factory, and many passenger cars today have larger rims than a decade ago.


17 inch wheels are not expensive (when you compare much larger sizes). In fact, they are becoming commonplace and this is good news for you, the consumer. Our economy is all about supply and demand and the more available a product becomes, the lower the price. You can find 17 inch rims and tires for affordable prices in many places these days. In fact, they often have special sales so you can save even more money on your purchase. This is one of the best ways to upgrade your car without breaking your budget.

Things to Remember about Upgrading

Have you ever wondered why so many large tires have such small sidewalls? When you upgrade to larger wheels, you’ll need to go with lower profile tires (smaller sidewalls) or upgrade your suspension. This is to compensate for the increased height of larger rims. If you put 20 or 24 inch standard wheels and tires on a normal car they would either not fit, or you would have some major suspension problems. A smaller sidewall keeps the total size of the tire and wheel within specifications.

17 inch rims may be the perfect way to upgrade you car today. This is especially important if you want the smoothest possible ride and the lowest possible price for your wheels and tires.

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