3 Can’t-Miss Warning Signs of Vehicle Suspension Damage

Are your tires wearing unevenly? Has it become harder to steer your vehicle, or do your tires squeal when turning? These are all signs of the need for suspension repair. Automotive experts can evaluate and diagnose issues with your vehicle’s alignment. If you’re noticing any of the below signs, call today to get your suspension near Tinley Park fixed.

Pulling to the Side

Pulling to the left or right is a common sign of suspension problems; these changes indicate that something is damaged or broken. Faulty tie rods, a broken steering rack, or a sticking brake caliper can all cause issues such as uneven tire tread wear, decreased fuel mileage, and difficult steering.

Bouncing Down the Road

Excessive bouncing while the vehicle is in motion may mean that the struts and shocks need replacement. Shocks keep the tires on the road, while struts provide overall support. When these parts are damaged or non-functional, your vehicle will bounce over rough spots and potholes.


When vehicles sag on either end, it may be due to a damaged shock or spring system. Springs are meant to support the vehicle’s weight, and when they’re broken, the car or truck may sag. Blown shocks may also be to blame, as they cause vehicles to place additional pressure on the springs.

Get Service Today

The next time you’re having issues with your suspension near Tinley Park, book an appointment with the pros at VIP Tire Corporation. Contact them today by phone or visit them online at viptire.com to learn more about their suspension repair services.

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