A Guide To Trailer Towing In Essex Junction

by | Jun 19, 2012 | Automobile

There is an art to trailer towing in Essex Junction that not all people possess. While it may seem easy to attach a trailer to a car or truck and start towing, there is so much more to it than that, especially if  you have never done it before. For some, the idea of towing a trailer is very intimidating and some people never do it. The key to towing a trailer is to get a lot of practice before hitting the open road. The ideal place to start practicing is in an open parking lot that is empty and there is nothing to hit. Below you will find a number of useful tips that can you can use when towing a trailer for the first time or even if you have been doing it for years.

Before you attach a trailer to your vehicle you need to find out what the towing capacity is on your vehicle. You do not want to attach the wrong size trailer and damage your car as a result. The key to prosper trailer towing in Essex Junction is to read the owner’s manual to find out what types of trailers that you can tow with your vehicle. You will then need to figure out if you have the proper towing hitch attached to your car. Each trailer comes with a specific type of hitch and you need to ensure that what you have your vehicle matches. If it does not, the trailer will not attach to your vehicle. All trailer hitches should come equipped with a wiring system that will need to be installed so that all the lights work properly both on the vehicle and on the trailer.

Once you have established that the proper hitch and wiring system are in place you can attach your trailer. Another great piece of advice for trailer towing in Essex Junction is to do an inspection of the trailer before you start towing. This will include checking such things as the tire pressure of the trailer tires. If you are towing a trailer that has low tire pressure in one or more tires you will quickly find that your car has to work harder to get the trailer to move. This could be damaging the engine of the car. It will also be harder to maneuver the trailer when there is a low or flat tire.

Even you have purchased a trailer that can be towed by your vehicle you need to ensure that you are able to see where you are going both when driving forward and reversing. There are some trailers that will be wider than the vehicle and you may not be able to see out around the sides of the trailer. For proper trailer towing in Essex Junction you may need to install extension mirrors to your side mirrors for adequate visibility.


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