A Windshield Repair Meridian ID Expert Knows Whether To Repair Or Replace The Glass

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Auto

We’ve all had it happen. You’re driving down the highway when all of a sudden a rock hits the windshield. It leaves behind a chip or a crack, depending on the size and the speed with which the rock hits it. The glass obviously needs to be repaired, but who do you call? You call one of the windshield repair in Meridian ID, that’s who!

Replacing a windshield doesn’t need to be distressing. The secret is having a qualified company take care of it for you. Then, it’s a matter of popping out the old glass and putting in the new one. While this sounds easy, it needs to be done correctly in order for the windshield to have a tight waterproof seal around it once it’s in place. Most insurance companies will pay for the bulk of the replacement, however, they usually require that the car owner pay a deductible on the claim as well.

When a chip or a small crack occurs on a windshield, it can often be mended in a way that makes it look invisible. This requires the skill of an expert technician in order to make the windshield resistant to water and other outside elements. Since a windshield is made from laminated glass, which is basically a top layer and a bottom layer of glass with a layer of vinyl in between them, the damage from a rock is often confined to the outer top sheet of glass. If this is the case, a technician can remove any air from the damaged area and seal up the crack or chip with resin. The end result is a clear windshield, with no visible damage. Once it’s been mended, the glass will be just as strong as it originally was, and it will not become yellow or cloudy over time.

A knowledgeable technician can save you money by repairing minor windshield damage in the form of chips and cracks. Many insurance companies will pay fully for a repair since it is less costly for them than replacing the entire windshield. That’s why it pays to have a Windshield Repair Meridian ID expert look at your damaged windshield before someone inexperienced simply replaces it. Visit Sir Auto Glass & Calibration, for more information.

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