Air Brake Parts: How Often Should Break Pads Be Changed?

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Automobile

A vehicle’s brake assembly is among the most important systems which need to be monitored regularly. Of the several components which constitute a breaking system, the ones that require constant attention are the brake pads. Since your vehicle’s brake pads are exposed to a great deal of heat and friction whenever you hit your vehicle’s brake pedal, they’re bound to deteriorate over time. One common question that may vehicle owners have is, “How Often Should I change my brake pads?” This article will provide an answer to this question.

Ideally, the recommended interval for replacing brake pads is approximately thirty thousand miles to thirty five thousand miles of running. Bear in mind that this is just a rough approximation. A lot depends upon the transmission type and brake pad material. Vehicles that have automatic transmission require a brake pad change more often than vehicles that have manual transmission systems. How long break pads last is completely dependent upon usage.

The best method to ascertain when to change brake pads is to inspect the degree of deterioration that they’ve suffered. Some vehicles have electronic sensors fitted within the brake pads. These send a sign to the dashboard when break pads deteriorate beyond limit. Usually, when your vehicle’s brake pads are near to the end of their useful life, they present you with a clear screeching sign that can be heard each time you hit your breaks.

When inspecting your break system and you notice that the pads have thinned down to less than 1/7 of an inch, it may be time to replace your break pads. Replacing a break pad is not a difficult job; also the cost of break pad replacement is quite small compared to the replacement of air brake parts.

Whilst the recommended interval for brake pad replacement was given above, the suggested time interval will vary according to your vehicle model, the kind break pads utilized and your vehicle’s transmission type. It is better to ascertain how regularly to change break pads, by inspecting them yourself. You can make this an aspect of your regular vehicle maintenance schedule. Contact Truck Parts and Equipment Inc for additional information about air brake parts.

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