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by | Dec 16, 2013 | Automobile

When the car has been damaged it almost feels like our world has been damaged, and particularly if we value the car as a significant part of our life. Sometimes the car represents who we are or want to be. It is a sick feeling to see your car kind of crumpled up in spots or in most spots.

There are paint and bump shops that still have the old style of repairing a car that has been in a collision. These shops are most often void of any high-tech equipment, and they just straighten out the sheet metal and paint the damaged part while hoping that the paint matches. These shops do not always have the equipment to align the complicated wheel alignment that our modern cars have.

Damaged cars need to be taken to an Auto Body Paint Eudora KS facility that has all of the high-tech equipment to straighten frames such as the Chief Automotive Measuring System. This system uses specialized software which has incorporated all of the OEM measurements and specifications so the system will straighten frames and unibody with complete accuracy.

The high-tech wheel force equipment is the most modern wheel alignment equipment available. It is a computerized system and it recalibrates every time it is utilized. This recalibration eliminates the chance of computer malfunction so it can produce the most accurate alignment readings available.

Factory specified spot welding is available at Auto Body Paint Eudora KS to restore your car to its original structure and appearance. There is no guess work about where the welding should be located and how much welding should be done.
Auto glass repair or replacement is a specialty and the services include:

Chip and crack repair

Windshield replacement

Window replacement

Mirror replacement

The chip and crack repair is performed by specialists who know how to restore the glass to its original appearance and it is a safe glass repair from the owner’s perspective because the glass is just as good as the factory OEM glass.
Every vehicle is accorded the utmost care and treated with the same effort and talent as any other vehicle in the shop. Every customer is highly valued and their vehicle will speak for the high quality of service provided to repairing it.

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