Auto Repair From the Body Shops in Lubbock After Accident

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Automobile

So you were on your way home from work and did not see the pig that escaped his pasture and ran out in front of your car. Or you came out of your doctor’s appointment, only to find that someone had backed into your car and left it damaged without so much as a note. There might have been a tremendous hail storm in the area, and now your car is all pitted and pockmarked from where the hail it it. Or perhaps your deer whistles failed and on your way home from a party you suddenly found yourself swerving, colliding, and then sharing your front seat with a twelve point buck who just happened to come through the windshield after the initial impact. You are profoundly grateful not to have been impaled upon one of his antlers. These things happen, and when they do, it is important to know the right way to handle the situation. What do you advise?

Generally, the first thing to do in the event of an accident is to call the police so that there will be an official event as a record of all that transpired. Next, call your insurance agent. Third, call a wrecker or two truck to get your vehicle off of the roadway. Finally, you will need to choose from among the Body Shops in Lubbock, TX, one you feel is capable of repairing your vehicle and restoring it to its former ability. A shop such as Texas Body and Frame is likely to do you the best job.

What questions should you ask of the body shop you choose to take your car to? The following: How long will the repair take, will the company agree to do the work for the amount of money the insurance company is wiling to pay, will they use original parts? Do they guarantee their work, parts and labor? Will they match a competitor’s price? Are they a full service body shop?

A good body shop will access the damage to your car, inform you of what is involved to make a complete repair, and produce your repaired car on the same timetable it was told to you that your car would be repaired. They will use original parts whenever possible.


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