Benefits Of Buying A Low Mileage Used Car

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Automotive

For the greatest majority of Americans, next to their house, the second largest purchase they will make is their car. With the massive improvements in design, materials and manufacturing techniques a used Mazda in Frankfort is often a better buy than a new car. When you opt for a used car you will be eliminating a great deal of the depreciation that is invariable with a new car as well as decreasing the cost of insurance and fees.

A low mileage used Mazda in Frankfort, one with thirty or forty thousand miles on it will save you a great deal of money and there is little in the way of a sacrifice in quality.

   * Lower price and less depreciation:
It will come as no surprise to anyone that a new car loses value from the day it leaves the dealership. On average, new cars depreciate to the tune of 20 percent a year; this is why a well maintained, low mileage used car is a great value.
   * Condition:
Ten or fifteen years ago when a car approached 100,000 miles it was about ready to be junked, this is not an issue today. Cars are built to last, 100,000 miles is no longer the end of the line. There is no need to sacrifice quality, low mileage; well maintained used cars today are in great shape all around.

Taxes are lower as is the cost of full coverage insurance. Buying a two or three year old used car is an ideal way to get a far nicer car than you would be in a position to afford if you were buying new.

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