Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-owned Vehicle from a Volvo Dealership

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Automotive

A Volvo is a high-quality luxury vehicle that offers buyers a slew of benefits. However, not all buyers want to buy a new Volvo. In instances like this, the Certified by Volvo program a Volvo dealership in Schaumburg gives buyers the opportunity to own a pre-owned Volvo with confidence.

Here are some benefits of buying a certified Volvo.

Variety of Vehicles

Having a wide selection of vehicles to choose from matters to buyers. Certified pre-owned vehicles at a Volvo dealership in Schaumburg come in all models including sedans and crossovers.

Peace of Mind

Buyers know they can drive away from the dealership worry-free. All certified Volvos have undergone an extensive quality-assurance inspection. All 170 different systems are inspected including the transmission, engine, and the electrical system.

Vehicles in the program can’t have more than 80,000 miles and are compliant with the most current safety standards. Buyers who purchase a used certified Volvo know that genuine parts have been used to make all repairs. One of the best parts about this program is that buyers can get a like-new Volvo for significantly less than a new model.

Warranty Protection

Unlike the typical used car, Certified by Volvo cars come with a multi-year warranty that covers repairs or replacements with little or no deductible. There’s also no mileage limits. This a huge benefit of extended warranty protection that allows buyers to drive with confidence.

To learn more about buying a used Volvo, contact Volvo dealership in Schaumburg.

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