For the Best Car Deals in Naperville, Visit Your Local Mazda Dealer

There are two types of cars, new ones, and used ones. Although they are still used, there are also certified pre-owned vehicles that offer certain advantages. As a car buyer in Naperville, how do you know which you should buy; new or used? There are advantages to each, but there may be more advantages to buying a new Mazda. You may find that the plus points of buying a relatively new used car will be more advantageous.

Advantages of a New Car

  • Get Exactly What You Want The dealer can get you any car to any spec you desire. You can get exactly the interior and exterior options that best suit your budget and lifestyle.
  • Warranty When you buy a new car you get the advantage of the full warranty. You can buy a warranty for a used or CPO vehicle, but with a new car, you get it without paying for it.
  • Financing Banks and other financial institutions offer lower rates when you finance the purchase of a new car. New cars are worth more and have not suffered from depreciation.

Advantages of a Used Car

  • Price A used car will always be less expensive than a new one. Because of this, many buyers find that they can afford to buy a higher trim or get more optional equipment.
  • Depreciation From the moment a car is first purchased; it begins to depreciate. The biggest hit comes in the first couple of years. When you buy a used car, the original owner has paid for the bulk of the depreciation.
  • Insurance Premiums Insurance premiums are based on the age of the car, premiums on a used car are less than they are on a new car.

Whether you buy a new or used Mazda, you will find what you want in Naperville.

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