Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Honda At A Used Car Dealership In Tucson

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Automotive

Many people are loyal to certain brands of automobiles. One brand that is particular popular is Honda, and there are a number of models to choose from. These cars offer awesome performance, and they are budget-friendly. Anyone who is in the market for a previously owned vehicle should consider what vehicles by Honda have to offer. A certified pre-owned Honda offers a number of benefits, and because they are so reliable, even used models are usually in tip-top condition, and the company offers limited power train warranty coverage on used vehicles for up to 100,000 miles, or within seven years of the first service date of the vehicle.

When shopping at a used car dealership in Tucson, be sure to ask about certified pre-owned Hondas, and their warranties. These are limited, but they do offer coverage for a number of problems, including issues with the engine, drive system, and the transmission. This is something that not all auto manufacturers are willing to offer on used vehicles. Also offered is Honda Care Certified Additional Coverage, which provides much more protection for owners. Some of the things protected by this coverage include suspension, air conditioning/heating, fuel systems, and more. There are also many perks to having this additional coverage, such as roadside assistance, concierge emergency service, and help when the keys have been locked inside the vehicle.

Those who buy used Hondas in Tucson will learn the complete history, including any accidents the vehicles may have been involved in. A free CARFAX report is offered, which shows the history of all accidents reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles, including flood damage and odometer tampering. The report also provides information about whether or not the vehicle is considered to be a lemon.

When visiting a used car dealership in Tucson, be sure to check out the various models of Hondas available on the lot. These are reliable vehicles that have long lives, and get great gas mileage. Ask about various types of models, including the pros and the cons, and find a used vehicle that will suit the purpose it is being purchased for.

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