Car Parts And Your Import Car Dealership

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Car Dealership

There are many reasons car owners take their vehicles to a dealership for repairs. The same rationale applies to necessary repairs and replacements for imported vehicles. A dealership that specializes in imports offers many advantages. These include a comprehensive understanding of the vehicles including mechanical and electrical. The trained technicians at such places also have another advantage. When replacing worn or malfunctioning components, they have access to and use only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) car parts in Philadelphia.

What Are OEM Car Parts?

OEM is a term applied to parts that are manufactured specifically for equipment. They are not duplicates. Manufacturers produce these components with a specific product, component or piece of equipment in mind. An automotive parts manufacturer will produce an OEM part for a specific automaker, model, make, year or trim.

Why Install an OEM Car Part?

Several reasons detail why an OEM car part over other options – including aftermarket parts, is better for your import car. One of the major ones is compatibility. OEM car parts have been designed and engineered to fit your vehicle. They were not intended to be used in another car – import or not.

Other reasons provided by import car dealerships and technicians in Philadelphia and along the eastern seaboard are:

Longevity: They are produced in the same way as genuine parts, increasing their ability to last longer.

Reliability: OEM parts tend to be more reliable than their counterparts.

High Quality: OEM components are designed, engineered and assessed using the same thorough standards as the automotive manufacturer demands.

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