Car Windows And Windshields

When transportation vehicles only moved relatively slowly, there was no major need to keep the wind off the faces of those riding in or on them. Even the stage coach drivers were expected to sit up front with no protection from the elements, the rush of movement or the dust, etc. As transport became not only more readily available but speeds increased; by virtue of steam and internal combustion engines; there were some attempts to restrict their speeds to that of a man walking in front with a red flag but, very soon, speed won out on that front. Some drivers found they could keep their vision and have a more comfortable ride by wearing goggles of some sort to keep wind and dust and flying insects out of their eyes. To this day, motor cyclists and drivers of some racing type cars still use various types of visor or goggles but by far the majority of motor cars have long turned to the protection available from a windshield.

Early Windshields

The need for them was obvious and equally obvious was the requirement that they be clear and see through but, to simply reshape a glass window pane and mount it across the front of a car, had obvious problems in so much as it would easily break into sharp shards if hit by a flying stone or other debris thrown up from the vehicle’s passage along the road. Windshields needed to be much tougher than standard windows and, should they break; the breakage needed to be in a safer form.

First Toughened & Then Laminated Windshields

The former shatters into small relatively harmless fragments that are unlikely to cut the people inside the vehicle. For the latter, the windshield is produced from two sheets of glass on either side of a plastic layer laminated between them. Unless struck extremely hard by something large and heavy, a laminated windshield will not totally shatter. The central plastic laminate essentially holds the broken pieces together.

But, They Can Still Get Damaged

It is almost impossible to drive anywhere without encountering something solid coming into contact with your windshield. Things like bugs will mostly spatter on it but stones thrown up from the road can chip the shield or even break it. Should something like this happen when you are driving around Chicagoland; it is essential for your continuing safety that you have the shield looked at. It might need replacing but it will, at least require the services of someone who carries out Chicago Auto Glass Repairs.

Frank’s Auto Glass on S. Wentworth Ave is the place to go for new windshields and car windows as well as Chicago Auto Glass Repairs to deal with the more minor damage.

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