Close the Deal with Your Prospect in a Luxury Car Rental in Miami FL

Are you having a hard time closing the deal with your new prospect? This is not an uncommon problem, and there are reasons for it. For example, he may be distracted at the meetings and lunch dates. If this is the case, he will lose focus and not hear a word you said. It is time to work smarter not harder. This means you will need to contain him long enough so that he can stay focused. The best way to do this is in style and comfort. Pick him up in a Luxury Car Rental Miami FL. He will be impressed with the luxurious leather seats and the sun will not get in his eyes thanks to the tinted windows. As you drive down the road, mention again why your team is suited for his needs.

Though you could do all of this over a meal or in the boardroom, it is clear that has not worked. However, when he is sitting in the Luxury Car Rental Miami FL, he will have no place to get up and walk to. He is there and is primed for conversation. Further, he is comfortable. He will not be spinning around in his chair. Clearly, he bores easily, so make sure that you are energized about what you and your team have to offer.

When he comments on how incredible the Luxury Car Rental In Miami is, confirm this to him. Tell him that your business is second to none and treating people right is a top-priority. At this point, his ears will perk up. He will be impressed that you go the extra mile, and he will be matching your words to what you are doing for him. You are, in fact, giving him excellent service and comfort.

Before you exit the car, tell him that there has never been a better time to sign with your team. Then tell him why that is. It is at this time that he will come up with his reservations or he will be ready to sign. By knowing what his needs are, you have won the battle. Further, you have won it in style and comfort. All that is left to do is put his needs in the contract and close the deal.

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