Common Transmission Problems Include Automatic Transmission Friction Plates

by | May 26, 2016 | Automotive

Automatic transmissions are a part of most vehicles these days, as many people prefer not to have to shift gears manually when they are driving. However, along with having an automatic transmission, one item that is vital to keep in good working order is automatic transmission friction plates.

Transmission Problems Could Include Automatic Transmission Friction Plates
If something goes wrong with your automatic transmission, it could involve the automatic transmission friction plates, or it could involve one of several other common issues, including:
*A transmission could have a low fluid level or it could be leaking fluid. If an automatic transmission has a fluid issue, it won’t run properly and could fail, so be sure to always check your transmission fluid levels.
*An automatic transmission could have issues with the torque converter, which holds the impeller, turbine, stator and needle bearings.
*Solenoid problems can occur and cause valve problems. The solenoid is an electro-mechanical instrument with a magnet made from a long wire wrapped around it, and the wires can fail due to overheating, etc.
*Clutch packs on an automatic transmission can also go bad, especially if they are low on oil or if they get overheated.

Proper Maintenance for Auto Transmissions is Vital
No matter if you have a manual or an automatic transmission, getting regular maintenance is vital to it running properly. There all kinds of things that could go wrong with the automatic transmission, including needing to replace automatic transmission friction plates. Be sure to do things like routinely change the transmission fluid, make band adjustments, etc. as recommended by your vehicle maintenance schedule.

Take Care of Your Automatic Transmission to Keep it Running Smoothly
Vehicles of all types have a transmission and if you own one with an automatic transmission, then make sure to get your automatic transmission friction plates and other transmission parts checked if you are having difficulty with shifting or slipping gears.

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