Differences Between Collision and Comprehensive Auto Insurance

by | Apr 23, 2015 | Auto Insurance

There are a number of automobile owners, especially those who own older vehicles who are content to have the minimum insurance cover that is allowed by the state while other owners will add collision coverage and comprehensive cover. With collision and comprehensive insurance these owners are providing protection for their car and themselves under a broader range of possible situations. Comprehensive auto insurance in Jacksonville is highly recommended to all drivers as this insurance covers just about every possible scenario other than collision. Many insurance companies offer a bundled deal including both collision and comprehensive cover but the policies are available independently as well.

Nor everyone has the freedom to pick and chose the insurance cover they will have. If the car is financed for example and it still has a lien against it the lender will usually insist that the vehicle be fully covered with both collision and comprehensive. By stipulating full cover both the holder of the lien and individual who is indebted are protected, if the vehicle is involved in a collision and is totally destroyed and written off the insurance will pay off the outstanding balance on the loan.

Comprehensive auto insurance in Jacksonville covers the vehicle in almost every eventuality other than collision. Collision coverage is that which covers the driver of the vehicle if he or she is in an accident with another vehicle, stationary object or a pedestrian. When the driver has collision insurance there is no discussion as to who was at fault, the collision insurance pays for all the damages. This insurance also pays for charges such as towing, storing and salvage if necessary. If the vehicle can be repaired the insurance company will pay for the repairs, if the vehicle is a total wreck the insurance company will replace it.

Comprehensive insurance covers just about everything other than a collision. Comprehensive covers vandalism, fire and theft, riots and any other circumstances where the vehicle is damaged through no fault of the individual who owns it. There are only a couple of times when comprehensive cover will not provide protection these are improper maintenance and worn tires if found to be the cause of the damage.

As with all car insurance, there are several factors that determine how much cover for collision and comprehensive insurance will cost. The driver’s age and experience, the anticipated annual mileage, the area where the car will be garaged will all be taken into account. The premium should be weighed against the value of the car.

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