Do You Know What a Transmission Shift Kit Is?

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Automotive

In the current automotive climate, vehicle owners want a car that shifts very smoothly but is also durable and can help gain MPG. If your current vehicle isn’t performing up to standard, it might be time to look at transmission shift kits.

With a new automatic transmission shift kit, you can get a car that drives much more smoothly and gets better fuel economy. Let us explain.

Transmission Shift Kits

An automatic transmission shift kit is used to modify the shift timing of your current transmission. You will notice a dramatic increase in the firmness of the shift, and the components of the transmission will be much more durable.

These transmission shift kits are so desirable because the factory sometimes leaves the shifting with too much overlap. (Overlap is when the transmission is in two gears at the same time.) This overlap is allowed because it makes the shifting less noticeable and much smoother.

Do You Need A Silky Smooth Shift/

But is a smooth shift worth it? Sure, you don’t feel the car move from second to third, but you are losing out on gas efficiency and you are putting more wear on your parts. The friction surfaces are working double time, and the extra friction creates extra heat which wears out the clutch.

The transmission shift kit will effectively reduce the overlap. This fix will improve the shifting ability and give you quicker shifts. You should notice that your car becomes much more economical on fuel usage.

Watch Your MPG Go Up

If you can live without the silky smooth overlap shifting, you will get a more durable transmission and more cash in your pocket. If you need another reason to make the jump, the transmission shift kits can be installed in just a couple hours which means you will be back on the road in no time.

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