Don’t Make These Executive Fleet Management Mistakes

Sometimes, fleet managers that are accustomed to working with trucks, delivery and service vehicles suddenly find out they have now become the fleet managers for the executive cars as well.

This is a different type of fleet management that requires more attention to specific details, a better understanding of what the C-level professional wants and a different level of interaction with the drivers or passengers that will be in those vehicles.

To help someone new to executive fleet management to avoid common mistakes, here are some of the issues that often trip up new managers before they get into the flow of working with these specialized vehicles.

Understanding the Executive’s Needs

In most companies, the executives will be able to select the vehicle of their choice. However, it is not likely they will itemize each optional feature that they need on the vehicle.

To avoid one simple mistake that is easy to make with executive fleet management, never guess or make a choice on behalf of the executive. Instead, consider developing checklists or having him, or her approve of the features you are recommending before ordering the vehicle.

Not Checking In

One important part of executive fleet management is to make sure the driver of the executive vehicle is happy. This may not just be the executive; there may be a driver involved who may also have insight into how the management official is commenting on the car.

Not checking in or touching base can lead to unhappy executives. It is also important to avoid taking up too much time, keep it short and only as frequently as needed.

Top Repair

The last thing that the fleet manager wants to have to deal with is a vehicle failure in the executive fleet. This is going to cause tensions and problems, so make sure to use the best technicians and mechanics or service facilities on these vehicles.

It is also a good idea for the fleet manager to personally inspect these vehicles on a regular basis. This little extra attention will go a long way in preventing avoidable problems.

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