Dub Wheels – Building the Vehicle of Your Dreams

If you’re like a lot of vehicle owners, your car or truck is your baby. It doesn’t matter if your car is worth $20,000 or $200,000, it’s the most important thing in the world to you. Here at Audio City USA, we understand how much your vehicle means to you. We offer the biggest selection of cosmetic and audio-related upgrades on the market. All of our items are competitively priced, and we employ expert staff members to help you invest in the best products possible.

A Stylish Selection of Wheels

If you’re in need of new dub wheels, we’ve got you covered. Our top-tier selection of wheels includes just about every major make and model, and all of our prices are extremely competitive. Our easy-to-use online selection process will make finding your perfect rims quick and hassle-free. Our website includes an attractive interface so you can look at all of your prospective rim choices in detail before locking in a selection.

Whether you’re looking for dub wheels or something a little more subtle, there’s something at Audio City for any kind of auto owner regardless of style.

Adjust Your Suspension

One of the easiest ways to radically change the look of your vehicle is by adjusting the suspension. While it is a complicated process, it’s well worth it to get the look you want. Our expert suspension adjustment service will raise or lower your vehicle to your exact specification. If you have a sleek sports car, lowering the suspension will give it a sleek, sexy look. If you have a pickup truck, raising the suspension will turn your boring truck into an attention-grabbing monster truck. Please note: because prices can drastically change depending on the type of vehicle, you’ll have to call us directly to get an exact quote for any suspension-related work.

Let Your Ride Be Heard

A car’s audio system says a lot about the vehicle. Most stock cars feature boring audio systems that lack any sense of kick or power. Don’t let your beautiful car lag behind in the audio department. A great set of speakers, woofers or tweeters can dramatically change how music or other audio sound in the confines of your car or truck. They don’t call us Audio City USA for nothing. We have the best experts in the business staffing our ranks, and there’s no doubt you’ll be one hundred percent satisfied with our services.

We have a huge selection of audio equipment, and once you finalize your choice, our expert staff will complete the installation. Once your new equipment is fully installed, we will walk you through the operator’s manual and show you how to use the system going forward.

No matter what your vehicle-related needs are, we’re confident our staff can help you realize them.

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