Finding Quality Car Repair Alexandria VA

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Autos

When looking for quality car repair in Alexandria VA, you should check out the customer service first. If an auto repair shop has good customer service, there is a great chance that the service provided will be completed honestly and done right the first time. Check to make sure that all of the Technicians are certified and legal to work as an auto mechanic. Make sure that the person you speak with doesn’t try to talk you into services that you do not need. If you chose a certain shop to have your car serviced, check to make sure that the technicians will notify you when a service needs to be performed. In other words that they get your permission to fix something you haven’t agreed to.

Visit the waiting area, see what it looks like. Is it comfy, clean? Does it have magazines or a Television for you to watch while you are waiting for your car. All of this may sound trivial but when you are looking for car repair Alexandria VA you want to know if the auto shop you have chosen has taken the time to make you feel comfortable while they are working on your car. Also, check the bathroom to see if it is clean. This can tell you that the shop takes pride in keeping items clean and will transfer to your car coming back to you clean and not greasy or dirty.

Another important aspect of finding quality car repair Alexandria VA is to check on the return policy if you are not satisfied with the work that was completed. Will the shop come and get the car if it doesn’t start. Will the shop fix the problem with out charging extra. This could be part of the warranty the company may have, but always read the fine print. Sometimes there could be a time limit on certain items that were serviced.

Make sure that you check out several shops and their policies, warranties and buildings before you make a decision on which company to go with. It always helps when you know several people that have services performed and trust a certain shop. That makes it easy, but still do your own investigating to make the right choice for you and your car.

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