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by | May 11, 2013 | Automotive

Auto repair and maintenance can be, and usually is, costly. Fortunately, there is an alternative to the high prices charged by dealerships and automotive supply stores. Backyard mechanics as well as reputable repair shops can turn to salvage yards for quality, used Car Parts.

Because Salvage Parts St. Paul MN, is able to acquire a large amount of recycled auto parts to sell, the auto parts are sold at a lower price than the public would pay if bought in a retail environment. Not only are recycled parts sold, but used or wrecked vehicles are purchased and usable parts harvested and recycled then sold to the public. Because the parts are inventoried, customers can easily find the items they need for their particular vehicle.

When a customer is looking for a particular auto part, Salvage Parts St. Paul MN can search its extensive inventory for the exact part needed. If they do not have the part in stock, they have the ability to search a national auto parts data base to find it for the customer. Once the required part is located, it can be shipped directly to the customer. Clients living within a 75-mile radius can have their item delivered.

Wholesale buyers are also able to purchase used auto parts as well. The parts are cleaned and tested and ready to be used. In some cases, Salvage Parts St. Paul MN, will waive the core fees on some smaller parts, while larger auto parts such as engines, still need an exchange. As with all of their parts, those purchased wholesale also come with a warranty.

Customers wanting to buy auto body parts in a certain color will be limited to what’s in the inventory. While the part will be an exact fit, exposure to elements and fading may alter the color of the product. Additionally, parts will not be search just because of the color, only body style.

Regardless of what type of customer, all will receive the same professional, courteous treatment as well as the same return policy and warranty. Why pay the high prices charged by dealers and auto parts stores, when there is an inventory of over 100,000 quality recycled parts from which to choose?

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