Five Reasons to Get Your BMW Serviced Through an Authorized Service Company

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Automobile

People drive BMW cars and SUVs for the performance and comfort of the ride. However, because of the complexity of these vehicles, you can sometimes experience problems with them. That’s when it’s best to go to an authorized BMW service company. Here’s why.


The parts and indicators of BMWs are different than other cars. A BMW service in Chicago will have repairmen who are trained and certified in repairing your BMW car or SUV. They will also know how to turn off various indicator lights when they finish the job.

BMW-Specific Diagnostic Tools

An authorized BMW service company will have the necessary tools to diagnose problems with your car. A couple of these devices include scanners and code readers. Once your BMW issue is diagnosed, the technician has a better chance of accurately repairing your vehicle.

Access to Parts

Most BMW service Chicago companies will have direct access to BMW dealers and manufacturers for parts, tires, and rims. This ensures that you’ll get the right parts for your car. Furthermore, having access to BMW dealers gives repairmen resources if they need advice on more complicated repairs.

Fixed Faster

Because authorized BMW service companies are experts in fixing BMWs and have quick access to parts, your vehicle will be fixed faster through these companies. If you went to a car repair shop outside of the network, the firm might have to send your car to a BMW service company anyway. You may not realize it does this, but it will end up costing you more.

Service Other Cars

Most BMW service Chicago companies repair other German and foreign cars, including Audis, Mercedes, Mini Coopers, and Volkswagens. Therefore, if you own one of these types of cars, you may be entitled to a service discount because you’re a loyal customer.

Going to an authorized BMW service company can better ensure your car gets fixed right. It may also cost less through the service company versus going directly to the dealer.

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