Ford Dealer Near Louisville, KY Shares 5 Tips for Safe Winter-Driving

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Auto

No one can ever get used to the dangerous road conditions winter brings. All of us are vulnerable, including well-seasoned drivers. Thankfully, you can do a few things to avoid accidents or breakdowns. A Ford Dealer near Louisville, KY shares some helpful tips for safer winter driving. Let’s check them out.

Clear the exhaust pipe

Depending on where you are in the country, snow can get so thick the removal service can’t catch up, forcing you to drive on a snow-covered road. While this may seem safe as long as you recognize the path, it can cause one of the most frightening accidents you can ever figure in. If the snow gets inside your car’s exhaust pipe and blocks the path of the smoke, the carbon monoxide it’s supposed to release will instead leak into your vehicle. You will never know this because CO is odorless. If you can’t avoid driving in snow, make sure to check your exhaust pipe now and then throughout your journey.

Make your vehicle as visible as possible

Whether it’s snowing or not, road visibility can be affected as long as the ground is already covered in snow. Your car, especially if it is white, can be more difficult to spot from a distance. It’s best to keep your headlights on, even during the daytime, and put bright markers on the windows. This may come in handy when you get lost and are waiting for someone to come and help, as it makes your car easier to find.

The tires must be thick and inflated

Tires lose pressure as the temperature drops. So you need to check the tire pressure before you drive to ensure it’s inflated enough to last the journey without deflating. But don’t over-inflate them to avoid a blowout. Also, replace your tires with winter tires. These are thicker and with more tread to maintain traction on the road. Don’t use older, worn-out tires because those will send you straight to a ditch no matter how hard you press on the brake pedal.

Have the battery checked by a pro

Like tire pressure, battery performance also tends to decline as temperatures drop. It also works harder than usual throughout winter so expect it to be worn out in spring. It requires maintenance after that. One way to help it get through winter in good shape is to have it checked and maintained by a professional mechanic. In addition, you must also clean its surface to keep it from overheating and losing energy.

Stock up

The weather and road conditions will be unpredictable every day throughout winter. Always hit the road expecting the worst so you can be ready. Stock up on repair tools and emergency supplies in your vehicle. You need a snow shovel, ice scraper, protection against cold, and a flashlight in your car. Having jumper cables and warning lights is also a good idea.

If possible, avoid driving altogether during winter, especially if you’re working from home. Instead, only drive when buying supplies or during an emergency to prevent all possible risks or inconveniences to other drivers when you break down. Check out Jim O’neal Ford for more helpful tips.

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