Ford Dealers in Dover Offer you More With the New 2013 Ford Models

by | Jan 18, 2013 | Automotive

This year your Ford Dealers in Dover have really got a lot to offer and at great prices to boot!  Ford’s produced a stunning line of cars in 2013 that is priced for those having difficult financial times during this extended recession.  For less than $17,000 brand new one can drive off the lot with either a Ford Fiesta, priced under $14,000 or the new Ford Focus.  Masses of people are finding all they are looking for in a mid-sized car in the compact offerings of the Focus.

The Ford Dealers in Dover have so much demand for the new hot Ford model that the manufacturer has even come up with spiced up and fancier versions of the popular car.  While it’s original designs offered the S Sedan, the SE Sedan and S-5-Door , they were pretty close to the same car overall. The major interior differences being options that are available to add, and a few standard upgrades like MyFordDriver Connect Technology, Ford’s answer to OnStar, and voice activated audio system.  Soon came the Titanium Sedan with fancier leather options on the interior, but the great gas mileage for all of them is MPG City/ Hwy 25/36.

But now Ford Dealers in Dover are also offering the Focus ST, a bit more sporty, a Titanium 5-Door version, and even an Electric option.  This last option really taken the electric market by storm, as the Ford Focus Electric far outshines the equal model by its competitors in the Chevy Volt.  When it comes to style and options there is just no contest the Ford Focus continues to be American consumers favorite choice.

The Ford Dealers in Dover are also finding that the New Taurus is in great demand.  With its redesign including the front grille, and sporty undercarriage it resembles more of a racing machine.  But the Ford Taurus is loaded with power as well as style. With its 3.5L EcoBoost V6 standard and its torque vectoring and curve control one may just feel the thrill drivers of Nascar experience when behind the wheel.  The Ford Taurus offers the same look and feel on the interior as the more expensive European imports, and the great looks also provide function, with multicontour seats that have active motion and fit the drivers body like a glove, the Ford Dealers in Dover are having a hard time keeping them in stock.

If you are searching for Ford Dealers in Dover that will offer great value and amazing deals, visit the team at MapleCrest Ford to explore your future in an award winning and reliable Ford.

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