Ford F-150 In Crestwood – The Truck Everyone Dreams About

by | Jul 3, 2020 | Automobile

Some people will buy and drive any vehicle; others have a preference. Some prefer only Jeep products while others prefer BMW. There are also those whose specific taste is Ford. If you are one of those persons and you are in the market to purchase a vehicle, you could get more information on Ford F-150.

With the Ford F150 in Crestwood, you get a reduction in weight compared to previous years. Aluminum and other composite metals have been in use for years, but the problem has always been in the cost. With this weight reduction, the Ford F150 may be giving the other competitors something to sweat about. Another new thing employed by the Ford F150 is the change in the power-train. It will be interesting to see how well this takes off with this new and younger generation. The Ford F150 also is flirting with newer technology. It uses an all new design wiring harness to address the issues with safety options, park assist, lane change assist, blind-spot sensors, and segment first towing electronics technology.

Continuing with their improvements, the Ford F150 also has a rebuilt frame that addresses fully the towing targets that need to be met. Additional cabin space has also been added. A final thing worthy of note is what the Ford F150 in Crestwood addressed with the bed. Things such as a backup light for night-time towing, removable tie-down cleats, and a remote-controlled tailgate release make this an easy purchase.

Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn offers you this dream purchase among several vehicles they have, new or used. Whether you need a truck, car, SUV, or Van, they are able to assist you in your purchase. To take advantage of the offers contact them at their location or visit them on their website.

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