Get in Gear – Why You Should Explore Nissan SUVs Near South Holland

by | May 11, 2023 | Nissan Dealer

All modern automobiles have big selling points. They also have pros and cons. Typically, you can’t go wrong with any vehicle by a reputable brand, but when it comes to value, SUVs are in a different class. Although cars and trucks are great, SUVs have the edge because they bring more to the table. Nissan’s products represent this, so if you’re a Nissan fan, buckle up and discover your favorite Nissan SUVs near South Holland and know why it pays to get in the driver’s seat.

Nissan Makes Practical SUVs

With any SUV from Nissan’s lineup, you’ll have plenty of space for cargo and more. No matter if the seats are up or down, you’ll always have practical options for storage. Speaking of the seats, they define the vehicle. Most models by Nissan will come equipped with two rows of seats for up to eight passengers.

Nissan Makes Safe SUVs

Due to their massive size, SUVs are naturally safer than coupes and sedans. If an SUV is involved in a collision, its dense base will absorb the majority of the impact. Coupes and sedans have a lighter frame, making them more vulnerable during a collision.

SUVs Operate Like Pickup Trucks

If you appreciate what a truck can do, an SUV is a worthy alternative. In terms of power, many SUVs and trucks are on an even playing field. Both vehicles can tow heavy equipment, and they can explore rugged, off-road environments.

Start Your Engine – The Road to a Nissan SUV Near South Holland

From the Nissan Pathfinder to the Nissan Armada, there are many great vehicles to explore at a local Nissan dealership. If you already own a Nissan and need parts, turn to 94 Nissan of South Holland Parts & Accessories today.

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