Get The Space You Need With A Dodge Mega Cab Long Bed In California

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Automotive

Are you tired of not having the room in the back of your truck that you need? Many people experience this problem, especially those who need to transport items in a truck for work. It is ideal to get everything in one trip, or be able to carry your equipment in the back of your truck. One way to get the space you need is to get a bed extension on your truck. There are some services available which can give you the space in your truck bed that you are looking for!

Precision Bodyline is a company that offers extensions for Dodge Mega Cab trucks. They can convert any Dodge Mega Cab into a long bed with their patent pending process. They add steel supports to the frame of your truck which gives it the extra room. The steel supports are actually made of a stronger material than the truck is, so they are more supportive. Precision Bodyline has a patent pending for their cab extension process, so don’t be fooled by imitators! The process only affects the rear line drive, which must be extended. Because of this the only part of the vehicle that is void of the manufacturer warranty is the rear line drive. This should take your worries away if you were thinking that this process would eliminate your entire vehicle warranty!

If you are looking to get a Dodge Mega Cab Long Bed in California then there is good news for you. Precision Bodyline is located within California and more than willing to solve your truck space issues. In addition to the cab extension process, Precision Bodyline offers lowering kits, fender flares, lifts and many other services. They are a good place to start when you are looking to customize your Dodge Mega Cab Long Bed in California! When you are able to carry all of the equipment you need in your truck it can make your job a lot easier. It will also save you gas from making back and forth trips due to lack of storage space. Get the room you need to make your life easier, contact Precision Bodyline to get your Dodge Mega Cab the extended bed you have always dreamed of!

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