Going To An Auto Repair Service in Marion IA

When someone has a vehicle that is not running as it should, the transmission is one part that may be to blame for this predicament. Many people will go to an Auto Repair Service in Marion IA to have an evaluation conducted when trouble arises. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that point toward the need for a transmission repair.

The Check Engine Light Is Illuminated

Vehicles come equipped with a “check engine” light when a significant problem needs to be remedied within a vehicle. The transmission is one part that can cause this light to come on inside of a vehicle. If the light is illuminated, a trip to an auto repair shop. The service will hook up equipment to the vehicle to find a code that caused the light to come on. This code will then tell the service what part of the vehicle is in need of an assessment.

The Vehicle Makes A Jerking Motion

When a vehicle is driven, there should not be jerking or bucking when it is in motion. If the ride is not smooth, and a road is not altered to cause a jerky movement, a trip to an auto repair should be taken to have the vehicle checked for a transmission problem. If the transmission has difficulty switching gears, a rough ride could be an indicative sign of this trouble.

Leaking Or Discolored Transmission Fluid

It is wise to do routine checks of the transmission fluid in the vehicle. If puddles of pink or red fluid are noticed under the vehicle, the reservoir may not be retaining fluid as it should. If the fluid in the reservoir is muddy in appearance, it should be flushed out of the vehicle and replaced with new fluid. An auto service can do this work and then check the condition of the transmission as well.

When there is a need to go to a business that does Auto Repair Service in Marion IA, finding one with plenty of experience and fair pricing is a plus. Browse our website to find out more and to get contact information.

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