Grab Your Next Vacation By The Handlebars

If you’re heading to West Palm Beach, you better bring some sun tan lotion and a helmet. Florida is well known for its tropical weather and large retirement communities. West Palm Beach, on the other hand, is known as a fabulous place to get away for a vacation. Because much of its development and population growth occurred in the 40’s and 50’s the architecture of this city is one of the best-kept secrets in South Florida. Of course there are beaches and resorts and nightlife, but if you want to see historic areas such as Northwood, Flamingo Park, and El Cid, there’s only one way to do it, and it involves a helmet.

Two Wheels, A Map & A Sense Of Adventure

Can you picture yourself on a motorcycle? How about a scooter? Scooters, unlike motorcycles, can be ridden without a special license because they are incredibly easy to ride. Most scooter rentals in West Palm Beach use 50cc, fully automatic scooters with brakes that will have you stopping on a dime. Instead of piling into a rental car, imagine you and your group hopping onto a fleet of scooters to terrorize the neighborhoods of old historic West Palm Beach. Okay, so maybe terrorize isn’t the best word, but you will be having a whole lot more fun checking out all the sights and sounds of these neighborhoods and communities through the visor lens of a helmet than you would through the windshield or backseat window of a rental car. The open road invites smell and sounds into your experience that you won’t get from inside a car. So while terrorize might not be the best word for it, you and your group will be mischievously grinning like kids up to no good.

Handlebars, A Throttle And Some Lunch

At first a scooter can be slightly intimidating, but after you get used to the easy to use “twist & go” throttle acceleration and powerful brakes, you’ll probably be thinking about buying one. With a lockable spacious under the seat storage, everything you need will either be under you, in your hands or on your person. Stripping away the excess and living by the seat of your pants—quite literally—could be just the thing to make your next vacation an experience of a lifetime. Scooter rentals in West Palm Beach are popular because most people don’t ride scooters every day, but they probably should.

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