Handy tips when purchasing a car battery

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Automotive, Car Repair

Before you buy

With a huge variety of cars being manufactured every day, a lot of battery variants have come into existence. Zebra, Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride, and Lead-Acid Batteries are some common examples. However, there isn’t just one brand for the manufacture of each type; there are hundreds and thousands of them. Making a right decision, therefore, can be difficult at times. Among a few others, car batteries in Fargo, ND are one of the most successful batteries.

Apart from that, issues like compatibility and battery life and power are essential to consider. Before you buy, make sure you have things like cost and durability considered as well. Nobody wants to buy a battery for $18,000 that runs just for 3 months. Besides, be sure that you buy a battery that is useful and productive in the long term.

After you buy

To avoid being stranded at a later stage, you need to follow some important guidelines to make sure that your car battery receives all the care that it needs. Having acquired a battery like the car batteries Fargo ND, your next concern should be caring for the battery. After all, you don’t need a car that won’t start just because its battery is dead.

Make sure you remove all the corrosion from the top and sides of the battery cables preferably with a post cleaner or some other suitable equipment. Please be sure to check the water level of your battery from time to time to avoid its drying up. It’s advised that the water level be checked every time the car is ignited. If the water level appears to be low, add water to fill up to the maximum level. Do not pour water, deliberately or otherwise, on other engine parts like the fan. This might harm the vehicle’s performance.

Checking battery condition and charge

The battery needs to be taken care of and properly maintained in a lot of ways. Checking for charge and condition is necessary. You may use a hydrometer to test the electrolyte in each cell. Draw the solution into the hydrometer by pressing the ball. If you get readings that differ from one another by more than 0.5 degrees, you might need to change the battery. However, if the readings are consistently low, recharge the battery. A fully charged battery should read 1.265 or higher than that.

Replacing/Changing the Battery

Safety must be ensured while the battery is being changed. To begin, disconnect the negative cable followed by the positive one. Please don’t begin the other way. Next, use a heavy duty strap to lift the battery and carefully place it on the ground. Now, carefully lift the new battery and place it in the battery slot. Connect the positive wire first and then the negative one. You might consider applying some petroleum jelly to avoid corrosion. Then you’re done.

The best way to have a smiling car battery is to resort to Certified Auto Repair; which possesses commendable expertise in car batteries in Fargo, ND. They can be reached at 701-239-2575 for guidance and support regarding all sorts of car batteries and their maintenance.


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