High End Rims and Tires in Fairfax

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Nothing sets a car off better than custom rims and tires Fairfax. The most beautiful of vehicles can look even better with custom wheels, shined to perfection. On the first day you install them, they will look great, but without care they will begin to degrade and your investment will begin to lose value and the look you so wanted will begin to fade. What are some of the best ways to keep your new rims in perfect condition?

A lot of the care of rims and tires Fairfax depends on the material the wheels are made from. The choice you made when you first made the purchase was probably made on the overall look of the wheel and how it enhanced your car, there may not have been too much attention paid to the material that the wheel was made from. There are different ways to car for wheels made from different materials but there is one common rule, never use an abrasive, you would not use an abrasive on the cars painted finish so why would you think wheels are any different?

The rims and tires in Fairfax that were on the car from the factory will have been clear coated as standard. A clear coat makes the wheels easier to maintain and all you have to do to keep them in decent condition is to wash them with soapy water or a mild commercially available wheel cleaner. Some of the commercial products contain wax that also adds additional protection, especially against the buildup of brake dust.

Chrome rims and tires Fairfax look great with their mirror like finish, but there are certain techniques to keep them that way. The brake dust and road grime can cause havoc with the chrome finish so the wheels have to be kept exceptionally clean. Although soap and water will help, it is best to use a specific product which has been formulated for use on chrome rims. To maintain the gleam use chrome polish and then a coat of wax for longer lasting protection.

There are a tremendous number of variants for polished aluminum rims and tires Fairfax. They are amongst the most popular aftermarket rim and they are amongst the shiniest as well. These rims take special care again because, unlike rims that are coated with clear or chrome, they are not plated or coated. The material itself has limited protection and is very much in the grips of the elements. These rims will need careful cleaning with soap and water frequently and perhaps 4 or 6 times a year they need to be treated with a chrome and metal polish. The polish is what provides a barrier between the bare metal and the harmful road grime.






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