How an Auto Body Shop in Glendale AZ Matches Car Paints

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Auto Repair

An expert paint job is a major part of restoring a damaged car’s flawless looks. However, making sure the new paint matches the original one takes a lot of skills and special equipment. Make sure to pick an experienced auto body shop in Glendale AZ to get the best paint matching results!

Finishing Repairs before Repainting

To ensure a seamless paint job, automotive technicians will begin by fixing all damages to the vehicle body. This includes smoothing out any dents and cracks in the chassis, replacing any part that is lost or broken, and repairing everything else that can get in the way of paint application.

Choosing an Identical Paint Code

Even the slightest error with the shade will become obvious once the paint dries, so it’s important to select paint the perfectly matches your vehicle’s old one. Once all the repairs are done, the technician will carefully choose the right paint code for your car.

Determining the Drying Time

On top of selecting the exact paint code, autobody technicians will also consider drying times. Certain types of paint end up darker after drying for a while, so this needs to be factored in before the painting process begins. If your car has a custom paint job, discuss this with the shop ahead of time so they can procure the special paints and materials needed to match the hues.

Using Specialized Techniques and Tools

Painting a car involves much more than brushing on the paint and waiting for it to dry. Auto body repair shops will use a variety of tools and methods to make sure that every stroke is the right one. They’ll pay attention to the details, such as the space around the tail lights or the outline around your windshield, to make your car look good as new after the paint job is done.

Matching a new layer of paint to the original one is a crucial part of restoring a car following a collision. To get first-rate results, select an auto body shop in Glendale AZ with proven expertise and experience working with these projects. For more information visit their website at

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