How Balancing Beads Can Extend the Life of Your Motor-Vehicle Tires

Have you ever seen all of the tire-balancing tools there are in a typical automotive shop and thought to yourself that there must be a more simple way to balance motor-vehicle tires? Well, there is. By using tire-balancing beads, you can balance the tires of any vehicle from a motorcycle to a truck to make your ride safer and extend the life of its tires.

How Balancing Beads Work

Tire-balancing beads are generally made of ceramic and go into the tire through the tire stem. Once inside, they redistribute themselves to balance the tire, but the physics of how this happens isn’t fully understood. It’s enough to know that it works!

A balancing beads chart is used to ensure that you insert the correct amount of beads. A single front motorcycle tire takes roughly an ounce of beads, for instance, and a rear takes two ounces. Balancing beads are generally inexpensive relative to using traditional balancing equipment. The only possible downside of using balancing beads is that, sometimes, they can get stuck in the tire stem.

With beads, the balance remains consistent even as the tire wears out over time. Furthermore, the wear patterns are much more consistent when you use balancing beads, and there is probably less of an overall risk of a blowout to any single tire. To learn more about balancing beads or check out a balancing beads chart, visit the website for AME Intl. at; they are nation’s leading supplier of tire-changing tools.

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