How to Spot Problems With Your Radiator

Keeping your car running under pressure requires a leak-free cooling system and radiator. Unfortunately, that puts a lot of strain on your auto cooling fan and water pump, among other components. Eventually, something is going to give.

Specialists in radiators, A/C condensers, & fan assemblies always stress the importance of regular cooling system checks to ensure your engine doesn’t melt. More importantly, putting of the problems can result in serious and costly damage to your engine. To avoid further issues, know the warning signs. Here are the four common symptoms you’ll notice if you have problems with your auto radiator and cooling fan.

Frequent Overheating

Overheating is one of the most common symptoms of a faulty auto radiator. Typically, when there’s a problem in your cooling system, the coolant cannot reach the engine block, causing temperatures to rise and oil to burn. However, overheating points to a variety of potential problems, including issues with the water pump, cooling fan, coolant lines, or radiator.

Low Coolant

If you find yourself topping off coolant frequently, there’s definitely a problem. In general, your cooling system is very efficient at preserving fluids. But if your reservoir is bone dry after a few days, there’s likely a leak in the system. Coolant loss typically occurs near connection points between components or from a crack in the radiator.

Smell of Antifreeze

The smell of antifreeze in your vehicle means that coolant is getting somewhere it’s not supposed to be. This usually points to a leak, but could also stem from excess heat. Be sure to pay attention to other signs, such as overheating, and take your car in immediately at the first whiff of antifreeze.


Leaks are easy to diagnose, but often hard to find. If you’re rapidly losing coolant, check underneath the chassis to look for pools of coolant  below where you parked your car. These can indicate the source of the leak. Be sure to take a close look at all hose connections, as those can often be prone to seepage. Additionally, old, worn out hoses can crack, creating slow leaks. Finally, damage to the radiator may prevent proper coolant flow.

Never let cooling system problems persist. They pose a serious threat to the life of your engine and can leave you stranded. When shopping for replacement components, remember to check If your replacement automotive cooling parts importer & distributor is listed in insurance estimating systems. If not, find one that is. Sunbelt Radiators Inc. offers Audi automotive cooling parts online! Visit their website for more information.

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