How to Troubleshoot Problems With Your Auto Electrical System in Pueblo CO

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Automotive

All you need to diagnose your vehicle’s electrical issues is a fundamental understanding of Ohm’s law as well as a detailed diagram of the electric circuitry. Your vehicle’s circuitry is the mechanism that powers and controls all other working systems. A voltmeter is the best tool to have to find any problems with your auto electrical system in Pueblo CO. The battery is supplies current to the rest of your vehicle. If having electrical failure, the problem can be traced back to the connecting device, alternator or battery.

Symptoms of Electrical Failure

Some of the signs that your vehicle has electrical system issues include:

* When your car will not start

* When the car does not start and instead produces a clicking sound

* Headlights are dim

* Battery light is on

The following are first aid measures to start your car and drive to a mechanic for permanent solutions.

Check Your Battery

The first source of electrical problems in vehicles is the battery. When your battery does not provide the necessary output voltage, every part connected to it will have issues. Therefore, in order to check the battery’s output, disconnect from the other connections first. Attach a 9 V battery to the vehicle’s Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to avoid resetting and losing the programmed settings.

Measure the voltage levels between battery output leads, and if:

* Voltage is equal to or more than 12.43 V, the battery is fine

* Less than 12.43 V, battery requires charging

* Battery is older than 4 years consider replacing it

Testing Alternator Functioning

To check your alternator, connect a voltmeter to the output terminals on the alternator. Start your car and if:

* Voltage output is within 13 V to 14 V, the alternator is functional

* If voltage is below 13 V, your alternator has an issue

Check your alternator for mechanical malfunctioning such as a loose belt.

Checking Voltage at Load Points

With your battery connected, check device load points and ensure they are working properly. If voltage is zero at any point, a number of plausible scenarios are possible. Some of the possibilities include:

* A burned out fuse

* A relay switch has stopped working

Other possible areas of problems with your auto electrical system in Pueblo CO include grounding, disconnected or corroded wires, and end device issues. A mechanic from Hinkle’s Fleet and Auto of Pueblo CO. can always check out any other complex electrical issues.

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