How You Can Benefit From a Used Transmission Phenix City AL

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Automotive

Automotive transmissions are one of the most critical components of the vehicle. Their primary function is to move the vehicle by translating all of the raw engine power into torque which is eventually transferred to the wheels. Without a working transmission your automobile is worthless and if the transmission is having mechanical problems it is in your best interest to take it to a Transmission Services Phenix City shop. Mechanical failures never disappear. Unlike humans, automobiles will never miraculously recover without some sort of outside help.

The transmission is one of the most sensitive mechanical parts in a car. To keep it in excellent running shape it is suggested the owner have frequent transmission maintenance service. The minimal requirements is to maintain clean transmission fluid at a specific level per the manufacturers suggestions. How often you change the fluid is mostly a personal choice. Most manufacturers recommend every thirty thousand miles but some newer fluids are supposed to be capable of one hundred thousand miles. Keep in mind that automatic transmissions generate a lot of heat and this heat can break down the transmission fluid which in turn could cause internal damage to the transmission. If you do change the fluid more often, keep in mind that many automatic transmissions have an internal filter that will need replaced occasionally.

Should your transmission fail it is fairly easy to get a used transmission in Phenix City Alabama. For some people this is a better option than installing an overhauled or factory rebuilt transmission because the price is typically better. Generally these transmissions are removed from wrecked vehicles and typically have many miles still available for the vehicle they get installed into. Others may be repaired transmissions which customers decided to replace anyway. It may be difficult to say if a Used Transmission Phenix City AL will have a warranty as this will depend on the shop but it is possible it may come with a thirty day replacement, to ensure customer satisfaction.

It can also be difficult to say which is the better choice for your repair. Factory rebuilt transmissions can be rather expensive for some types of vehicles and sometimes it makes sense to install a used transmission to keep the car going until you can save enough money to get a better replacement. For more information, visit the website

used transmission in Phenix City Alabama

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