How You Can Have Dents Repairedon Your Car Without Repainting

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Automotive, Autos

In the past, if your vehicle was dented, these dents would have to be repaired and the area where the dent was located would need to be repainted. However, today with Paintless Dent Repair Lawrence KS, there is no longer a need for repainting, even with significant denting on your vehicle. Fortunately, most auto body repair shops offer this service and while it is beneficial, it may not be for every dent a vehicle might get.

The only reason why Paintless Dent Repair Lawrence may not be for every vehicle is the first and most crucial aspect of paintless dent repair is to attack the dent from behind. If the dent is in an area that can’t be reached from behind, then the paintless option will probably not work.

However, if the dent can be reached from behind, the first step is to use rubber and metal mallets and by lightly tapping, the dent is pushed out from behind. Once the dent has been significantly pushed out, suction devices are used on the surface of the dent to pull the dent flush with the surrounding surface area of the vehicle.

Once the dent has been pulled as far as it can with suction devices, then the auto body repair technician goes behind the dent again and with even finer rubber mallets, metal blocks, wood blocks and special metal hand rollers. He or she will begin to smooth the back of the dent surface so that it is completely flush with the surface of the vehicle. This is how ineffective Paintless Dent Repair Lawrence KS works.

The most obvious benefit to this is the avoided expense of having to repaint or replace a damaged section of the vehicle. In addition to expense, this particular task can be done very quickly and conveniently. In fact, paintless dent repair can be done while you wait.

If your vehicle has been damaged you should visit your local auto body repair shop and see if the dent on your vehicle is a candidate for paintless dent repair. Not only will this save you time, it’ll save you money and if done properly, it will be as if the dent was never there in the first place.

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