Is Your Harley’s Fender Attractive Or Purely Functional?

by | May 24, 2014 | Automotive

For a very long time; there has been no such thing as a small Harley Davidson motorcycle – HOG’s are big bikes with a macho image. They are also praised for being well made, safe, efficient and comfortable to ride; which some feel is counterproductive in terms of the macho image. However; a new Harley is not a cheap purchase; so, to buy one with the intention of taking it apart, chopping bits out and replacing many of the OEM parts with alternative, more macho looking, parts and extra accessories does not make much economic sense.

Take The Harley Fenders For Example

Just after the start of the 20TH Century, some of the first Harleys had small engines with foot pedals to assist them and no fenders whatsoever – despite the fact that even a pedalled bicycle can throw up enough muck to need mudguards to keep the cyclist clean. However, as well as finally settling on making only big bikes; Harleys soon came with both front and rear fenders as standard. The front fender is a bit on the massive side; although the rear fender is even larger; this is less noticeable owing to things like big side saddle bags; or luggage boxes and an arm chair like passenger seat tending to hide it.

Harley Davidson do offer some customization on their current models; but, when it comes to fenders the Custom Harley Fenders are not all that different from those on the standard bikes; different paintwork is about the most significant customization; although you can have the front fender extended and a chrome strip added to it. Official customization catalogs from the Harley Davidson Company tend to concentrate on “useful” accessories and modifications to suit particular usage requirements; rather than changes that are little more than window dressing when it comes to actually riding the bike.

However, such is the following and appeal of the Harley Davidson brand that there is a whole subsection of the motorcycle trade that devotes itself to either restoring old Harleys or customizing used bikes to the (usually) new owners personal design preferences. These are the people that you need should you want to do something really fanciful when you decide to go for custom harley fenders.

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