Keep Your Car’s AC Working with Help from Kia Dealers in Albuquerque

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Autos

The summer season is finally in full swing, and that means hotter weather and even hotter days on the road. Now that things are gradually going back to normal, a road trip is perhaps the best way to greet the summer season this year. But a day of fun on the road can easily turn into a nightmare once your car’s air conditioning system begins acting up, or, worse, not working at all. If you ask car dealerships in Albuquerque, NM, something like this can be easily prevented with a couple of simple steps.

Before getting lost in all the planning for your next road adventure, take this time to look at how you’re treating your car’s air conditioning system and give it much-needed maintenance.

Clean the filter and clear any debris

If this is your first time using the car’s AC, or the car itself, after months of cold weather, cleaning its filter should be the first step to take. Look for the AC filter behind the glove box, shake out any debris, and clean it with water. Make sure the filter is completely dry before putting it back. If you’ve been using the same filter for a long time, consider having it replaced with filters that are designed to clean the air inside the car more efficiently.

Remember to clean the grills and the condenser as well since these can also affect the efficiency of your AC system. Letting dirt and debris clog these parts of the car would only cause problems to the AC in the long run.

Never pre-cool

It’s tempting to turn the AC on minutes before you actually start driving, especially during a hot summer day. This, however, might not be the best idea, and you’re actually wasting gas (not to mention time) while waiting for the cool air. The air inside the car can actually get much hotter than the outside, and the best way to cool it is to open the windows while the AC is on.

It’s also best if you begin driving as soon as you turn on the AC. This may seem counterintuitive but there’s a logical explanation to it. As your engine runs faster, the AC compressor runs faster as well, making it more efficient in cooling the interior.

Use the lowest temperature

This is the perfect excuse to enjoy a cool environment while driving around the hot New Mexico summer. Setting the AC to the lowest temperature, along with setting up the fan properly, is actually the best way to make the entire system more efficient. Not only does it dry out the air less, but it can actually help you save on fuel as well.

Have it checked

Every car’s AC system needs a tune-up every two years, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait that long before you have it professionally checked. The summer season is actually the perfect opportunity for you to pay a visit to your Kia dealers in Albuquerque, NM and have them check your car’s AC just in time for your vacation. You can even get a couple of helpful advice from them, so make sure to check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.

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