Motorcycles Offer Big Choices

by | May 22, 2013 | Automotive

Nothing short of open-cockpit aviation comes close to the thrill of straddling a beautifully engineered motorcycle. The feeling of freedom is unique and once you’ve experienced it, nothing else ever measures up. The sights, the sounds, the feeling of acceleration are amazing and everybody should experience it at least once. Motorcycles can make that happen for you.

Deciding on the right motorcycle for you is a hard decision and if you get it wrong, it’s one of the only things that can take away from a great riding experience. Too little power and you’ll be disappointed, but too much power, and you can be a threat to yourself and others. It’s a fine line and you need seasoned professionals to guide you in the right direction. Your choice of bike is as unique as you are.

First, you need to decide what kind of riding you want to do. This will help narrow down your choices. Are you looking for an off-road bike, a street bike, maybe something in the cruiser-class, or possibly a full-blown touring machine? Once you make that determination, the decisions get easier.

An off-road machine can take you to places most other people only dream about. However, it may not be street-legal, so you will need a truck or trailer to get it to your point of departure. If you ride in a group, you may be able to share with a friend.

Street bikes and cruiser-class motorcycles are the ones we most often come into contact with, since we share the road with them. Street bikes these days are generally more streamlined and aerodynamic than other bikes. Some models almost have the rider lying down on the tank to decrease wind resistance. Cruisers are more traditional-looking bikes and are designed less for speed and more for around-town riding. Both of these types of bikes come in a variety of engine sizes, ranging from around 250cc all the way to 1300cc.

Touring bikes are the “big boys” of the motorcycle world, running around the 1800cc range and usually decked out with all the amenities like running boards, heated seats and grips, sound systems, full fairings, and some even have an electric reverse gear. These bikes are built for long-range and comfort.

Selecting the right motorcycle for you is serious business, so always rely on a professional to help you get the maximum enjoyment from your miles.

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