How Much is SR-22 Insurance, Get a Quote in Illinois

Most people in Illinois know that auto insurance is a requirement. However, if they’ve been convicted of a driving offense, such as a DUI, not paying damages for at-fault-accidents or driving without insurance, they can’t get traditional insurance and must get SR-22 in Illinois before they can safely and legally drive again.

In some cases, you can get it in digital form, such as on your smartphone, but many people choose to use a paper copy that sits in the glovebox. The insurer sends you the information, as well as the government. The government then knows that you have an active policy that meets the minimum liability requirements in your state. However, if you let the insurance lapse, the insurer must inform the Driver Services Department, who can then suspend your vehicle registration and license.

When You Need SR-22?

While most people require it because of a DUI, you may need SR-22 insurance for a variety of reasons. It just means that you are considered an at-risk driver and the state wants to ensure that you’re responsible and safe behind the wheel. In most cases, SR-22 insurance is required after you’ve had your license suspended, and they aren’t all necessarily directly related to driving. For example, if you do not pay toll fares or fail to pay your child support, you could have your license suspended and then require SR-22 insurance.


Most people wonder how much is SR-22 insurance and how do they get it? Unfortunately, this type of insurance can cost more than traditional auto insurances. Because you’re seen as an at-risk driver, insurers are likely to charge more. However, you can still find inexpensive options if you research companies well.

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