What You Need To Know About Stainless-Steel Pressure Plates

There are many different parts to your vehicle, and when it comes to repairing a clutch or transmission, you may need to purchase a new pressure plate for it. This is where knowing some specifics about the stainless-steel plate manufacturers, vendors and parts can come in handy. The more you know about these things, the easier it will be to find a quality product at affordable prices. This is especially handy if you run a transmission repair shop and need to buy your parts in bulk. When you can answer the questions of what these plates do and who makes them, you can more easily determine what your pressure plate needs are as well as where to get them.

What Do They Do?

Pressure plates in clutches work by providing a space for the flywheel to squeeze the clutch and help the flow of power from the engine. This means that the plates need to be durable and take a lot of abuse in the average workings of a vehicle. More high-performance clutches and engines will need more durable pressure plates or will need new plates more often than your average car. Pressure plates made from stainless-steel can be more durable than those made from other materials and can even be more precisely tooled, depending on the manufacturing process.

Who Makes Them?

Stainless-steel plate manufacturers are usually found online, and some will sell directly to repair shops or private individuals. This can help you find the right size plate for your application more easily than visiting the brick-and-mortar auto supply stores in your area. Sometimes you can get a better deal on your bulk order if you work with the manufacturer instead of a third-party vendor. These plates are usually tooled from sheets of stainless-steel to the specifications provided by you or by the automobile company. This makes them more precise in form and function and can help ensure that you get the right parts for your purpose.

Stainless-steel plate manufacturers can be found online and can help you find the right plates for any type of transmission you need them for. These pressure plates can last longer than ones made from other materials and can even be purchased in bulk for your auto-repair shop. To find the right plates for your needs, you will want to know what they do and who makes them. This can help you pinpoint your needs as well as the best place to get the parts you need. For more information, visit the website.

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