What You Need to Know Before You Try to Sell a Car

If you want to sell a car, you’ll need to do your homework first. Yes, homework – but don’t worry, you won’t be graded. The only reward you’ll receive for doing this research is a better payday when you hand over the keys to your used car.

Here’s what you need to know about getting the most out of your vehicle when it’s time to sell:

You May Not Be Able to Get the Current Value

People are always looking for a deal. Whether it’s a private buyer browsing online or a dealership offering you something for your trade-in, you probably won’t get an offer that’s on par with your vehicle’s current market value. Decide before selling what you’re willing to accept and use that as a guide throughout the process.

You Have Tons of Options

Putting your car out in your yard with a “For Sale” sign on the window isn’t your only choice for moving it. You have tons of options for selling your used vehicles, including but not limited to:

  • Selling to a used car lot
  • Trading it to a car lot or dealership for credit toward a new car
  • Selling online through a sales website
  • Selling online through open listings like Craigslist
  • Selling to a private buyer in your area
  • Selling to a private buyer from outside your area
  • Selling to a junk or scrap buyer

There’s Nothing Wrong with Junk Buyers

Many people believe a commonly-held misconception that junk buyers are looking to cheat you out of your car for a cash payday. While they do offer quick cash for your car, there’s no more danger in selling your vehicle to a junk buyer than there would be to trading it in or selling it online to a private buyer. You get money, your car gets sold and off your hands, and you walk away finished with the transaction. Maybe the only reason people don’t like junk car buyers is that they’re jealous of your quick payoff when they spent months trying to sell a car in Houston, TX!

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