Obtaining A Chicago Windshield Replacement

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Automotive

It does not matter what type of motor vehicle you are driving or where you happen to be driving it, if it has an enclosed cab for you to sit in, it will have a windshield which could become damaged at any time. Flying stones or road chips are the usual cause of broken shields but not necessarily the only culprits. Glass is glass and it will break under any type of stress or shock. We call it safety glass but that only refers to the safe way in which it breaks (i.e. it does not break into dangerous sharp pointed pieces).

When Broken, It Should Be Fixed Quickly

The shield does keep weather and wind away from your eyes but this is not solely for your comfort, it is also vital for maintaining your clear view of what is up ahead of you on the road (why else do motor cyclists wear goggles or helmet visors?). Driving with no protective shield in front of you can be dangerous and should only be undertaken for short distances in clear light and dry weather – and then you should only proceed slowly to a destination where a replacement windshield can be fitted in Chicago or anywhere else.

Many auto glass specialists also offer a service whereby they come to you and fit a replacement on the spot. It should be noted that if the shield has only suffered minor damage, it may be possible to have it repaired but this might only be possible if repair is sought as soon as possible after the damaging event.

Not Only The Shield

Most vehicles have side and rear windows and these can also become damaged or broken. Remember that the people who can fix your shield will also be able to help with any auto glass on your vehicle.

Frank’s Auto Glass has over 50 years’ experience in Chicago for windshield replacement. They stock shields for most makes and models of vehicle. Visit them online at www.franksautoglasschicago.com/windshield-window-repair/

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