Reasons to Keep Up With Parking Lot Maintenance Baltimore

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Repair and Service

When most people think about owning a business in Baltimore, they neglect to think about the parking lot, though this is a very important area of the business, as well. If the parking lot is full of potholes and other problems, customers will not want to risk damaging their vehicles, so proper maintenance is required. Other than the potential damage, there are many other reasons to consider parking lot maintenance, including the proper paintings and markings, sealing coats and more.

Paintings and Markings

Most people prefer to see parking lots that have specific lines or markings to tell them where to park. Whether your lot offers slant, straight or parallel parking, it is important that customers know where to go. This will reduce the amount of accidents where people hit other vehicles.

Other markings can include handicap signs, signs that tell others that specific members of staff can park in those areas and the painted handicapped signs. This information is important for people, so they know where they are allowed to park. If you offer specific parking for staff or employee of the month, a sign must be placed in front of the spot so that regular staff and customers know where to go. This can be done as a maintenance project to install or repair them in case they are hit by other vehicles.

Handicapped parking spaces are required for almost every Baltimore business, so it is important that they are prominently displayed so that everyone understands where they are allowed to park. Handicapped persons require these spaces and need to know where they are located, while regular customers will know not to park in those areas. Maintenance for handicapped paintings can include repainting to keep lines fresh and touch-ups when necessary.


If your business is open at night, proper lighting is important so that customers feel safe going to their vehicles after visiting your store. Having lighting installed properly is important, but it will also be important to have parking lot maintenance done periodically or when lights burn out. This will allow all customers to feel safe and will provide your business with a look of professionalism.

Asphalt or Concrete

Either option works well for business parking lots, but it is important that they remain pothole-free and safe. Cracks and other problems should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Parking lot maintenance in Baltimore can include many things, but it is important to select the appropriate contractor. Consider Team CAM Services today.

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