Repairing your windscreen

Repairing your car windscreen can cause you stress, but it shouldn’t as long as you employ the services of a convenient windshield repair and replacement service. They usually operate 24/7 and can fix your car at your home or work, saving you the inconvenience of driving to a shop.

Get someone certified
A good windscreen repair service should be trained to fit windscreens on your particular model and brand of car. They should possess the manufacturer’s certificates as well as conform to all British health and safety standards. This is a must if you are to ensure your own safety and that of your passengers. A company dealing with windscreen repair in Peterborough should also be certified.

Repairing chips
Sometimes the job of repairing your windscreen is small. Sometimes, the only thing you may need to repair is a chip – which can easily be done in minutes. All you need is a suction cup tool and some super juice. Place the suction cup tool over the crack and then slide the repair tube in the hole in the middle. Once you’ve done that, pour the super juice into the tube and then twist the rubber clamp down tight.

Now remove the suction cup tube and smooth out the super juice with a razor. Then take a thin piece of film and place it over the still moist super juice. Make sure the film goes on nice and smooth and then let it dry. Wait for at least 10 minutes until it is fully dry. The last thing you want to do is mess up the crack fixing procedure at this stage. Once this is done, then remove the film and the crack or chip should have vanished.

Windscreen materials
There are two main types of auto glass which you may need to repair. They are laminated glass and tempered glass. If you’re in Peterborough, then a windscreen repair in Peterborough service should stock both these types of glass. If they don’t then find one that does.

Most glass in cars is made of tempered glass. This is hard glass which is heated to a high temperature then rapidly cooled. This process causes tension between the cool outer layer and hot inner layer giving the glass its strength. However, the glass still shatters into big dull pieces. This is good because in case of an accident you could use the shattered glass to escape.

Your windscreen, on the other hand, is made of laminated glass. This is two layers of glass with a plastic layer in between them. This prevents the windscreen from shattering which could be dangerous. When getting your windscreen repaired, make sure you are using laminated glass and not tempered glass. This glass also comes with UV filters to protect you from the sun while driving.

Windscreen Repair Peterborough

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