Routine Maintenance Keeps Your Vehicle in Great Condition

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Used car

Routine maintenance is important to keep your vehicle in good running condition. When looking for a dealership for maintenance work on your Acura, Charlotte, North Carolina has a number of reputable dealers that can provide routine services. Typical maintenance services include oil and filter changes, inspection of brakes, tires, and fluid levels, and tire rotation. If you’ve never owned an Acura, Charlotte, North Carolina service advisors can suggest the best services for your car.

Use the Owner’s Manual to Help Decide which Services You Need

When you take your car to the dealer for service the advisor will note the mileage on your vehicle and recommend certain services. You can agree to all of the recommended services, or simply ask for the services you need at that time. If you’re currently under a strict budget, you may only want an oil change or to have your brake pads replaced.

Use the owner’s manual for your vehicle to determine which services you need and how to determine when it’s time to replace filters or pads on your Acura. Charlotte, North Carolina often deals with a fair amount of snow and rain, which means certain components of your vehicle may wear down quicker than other components.

Understand Your Vehicle’s Warranty

When you purchase an Acura, Charlotte, North Carolina car dealers will offer you a bumper to bumper warranty. This warranty usually only covers mechanical problems and not routine maintenance. When you take your vehicle in for maintenance, the advisor may recommend certain services or tell you that components of your vehicle are starting to wear down.

Remember that not everything the advisor mentions will be an emergency, so you can either agree to the fixes or simply make a note of what services you will need in the future. This helps you not only budget in maintenance costs but makes sure your vehicle stays in great running condition.

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