Saving Money On Collision Repair

After the shock of being in an auto accident subsides, you’re filled with frustration at the thought of having to have your automobile repaired. There’s a chance that you might be without transportation for a few days, possibly a few weeks. Then there’s the fact that you’ll have to deal with your insurance company, which might require jumping through a few hoops, not to mention that there’s the cost of collision repair in San Marcos. It’s enough to make you want to throw up your hands in defeat and think about a life without a vehicle. Before you decide to throw in the towel on your damaged car, know that there are things that you can do to save money on collision repair.

You’ll want to prepare for a collision before you have a collision. Getting insurance is the first step, and getting insurance with a low deductible is the second step. You’ll want to have collision coverage in case an accident is ever your fault so that you can save on out-of-pocket costs. Talk with your insurance agent to review all of the steps that you can take to save as much money as possible on a collision.

Next, you’ll want to find an auto shop that has been approved by your insurance company to handle your collision repair in San Marcos. It’s common for insurance companies to agree to special partnership contracts with body shops that are in their network for deep discounts for them as well as for their insurance customers. With luck, you’ll be able to find a repair center that offers free rental cars to individuals with certain kinds of insurance.

If your insurance agent doesn’t provide you with a list of pre-approved repair centers, then you’ll want to gather estimates from at least three or four auto shops before you decide which will be taking care of your collision repair in San Marcos. Reviewing estimates will allow you to see which auto shop has the best services and which will save you the most money. In any case, make sure that you ask for a detailed summary in writing that fully spells out all costs that are associated with the final bill. If you aren’t able to drive your car, then you might have a hard time of gathering accurate estimates. If this is the case, you might want to get an estimate from a single repair shop and call a few other auto shops and compare the costs.


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