Scrape Together Extra Cash For California DMV Registration Fees

by | Dec 20, 2012 | Automobile

If you have recently bought a new or used car you will soon have to come up with the extra cash you will need for your California DMV Registration Fees. It’s something we all have to do and something that none of us like to do. Many of us are on a tight budget due to this ever slowing economy and therefore many of us do not have extra cash laying around at any given time to use for any purpose, much less for our California DMV Registration Fees. Basically it is a necessary evil that has to be taken care of or we will face the penalties of driving without a registration. You do not want to be stopped by the police for a small reason, only to have it turn into a larger problem by not having a current registration.

There are a few ideas to help you set aside a little extra cash for some fees you will likely be faced with at some point in your life. One idea is to set up a jar in your home where you can place your extra change you have in your pocket each day as you come home from work. You have no idea how quickly all that extra change can add up and soon may become enough to pay for your California DMV Registration Fees. You will be pleased to know just how easily this can be done. Get your jar out and place it close to where you put your keys and you can rest assured you will have all the extra cash you need in no time!

Another tip for scraping together enough money to cover your California DMV registration fees is by doing something that may seem rather silly to some. Have you ever checked in your sofa for extra change or in the pockets of your clothing? I have done this before and actually came up with about $30 I didn’t know I had! I have to tell you that it is pretty exciting to find that much money lying around your house!

Yet another great idea for scraping up enough money to cover the California DMV registration fees that you will need is to set up an envelope system for the very purpose of paying for those things that we do not have to pay on a monthly basis. Each month when if you have any extra money left over after paying bills, you can take that money and put them into an envelope. When you need to pay for something such as your California DMV registration fees all you will need to do is pull out your extra cash envelope and your problem is solved!

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