Selling Junk Cars in Blue Island Can Be Profitable

by | May 24, 2021 | Automobile

Recycling junk cars has a benefit for the owner, the neighbors, and the world. A junk car continues to leak fluids into the ground which works into the groundwater supply over time. So many junk cars are left in neighborhoods and they become not only eyesores, but they become places for less desirable people to live in or hang out in. You would be shocked at the number of fluids leaking from a junk car. The gaskets dry up leaving a path for oil, lubricants, and gasoline to escape.

Owners of these junk cars do not realize there is money sitting there waiting to be picked up. Junk cars in Blue Island can be bought! The company will even come to pick it up, and they will pay you cash when they pick it up. How much easier could it be? An eyesore is gone, the neighbors are happy and you are happy with some money you didn’t expect.

The car doesn’t have to be in running condition; it doesn’t even need a motor or a transmission. All you need is the title. If the car is falling apart, the scrap dealer can load it onto a flatbed truck. You will get the cash before the driver leaves.

If your neighborhood has a lot of junk cars, then you should approach each neighbor and talk with them about the money-making potential. You might even work out a deal where you get part of the money as a finder’s fee. Not bad for a few hours of work.

You would be surprised at the process the recycler puts the junk car through. First, they remove every usable part even if it needs cleaning. Many of the parts are salvable, and these are cleaned up, categorized, and often entered into a computer database. Any aluminium is sold for making pop cans, and the tires are sold for making gaskets. The tires will be sold if they are in good shape.

Once all of the non-metal parts are removed, and the functional parts like the steering gear and alternator, the car is crushed to about a third of its original height. It is sent to a shredder which can shred the metal into 3 inch wide strips and form a ball. These balls are sent to a company that will melt them into usable metal.

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